Xtreme summer reading 2018: Libraries rock

Entering grades 3 through 6; May 20 through July 31

Step 1: Register online for XTREME READS.
Step 2: Complete any challenge by reading and posting the title and required response (select the "add/view post" button to post the book and fill out the required information) on your online Xtreme Summer Reading Account.
***Challenges may be completed in any order, but you must complete all challenges before repeating any.***
Step 3: Each time you complete a challenge, you will be entered into two drawings: a weekly prize drawing AND the end-of-summer drawing to win one of our grand prizes (one iPad mini and other prizes).
Step 4: Attend the Xtreme Reads Finale Pizza Party on August 2nd to celebrate our readers and the announcement of the grand prize winners!
***Books must be 100+ pages.***
***You must read a different book for each challenge***

Challenge Details:

Download the challenge sheet in a printable form.






read this


post this





In honor of summer reading, read a book whose title starts with one of the letters in the word SUMMER.

Write five words that describe the book.





Read a book with a movie tie-in.


Which was better, the book or the movie?


Hot Off the Press


Read a book that has been recommended at the Hot Off the Press Book Club.
Click here for a list of titles.

Did you like it? Why or why not?




Read a book with your favorite color on the cover.

Write a review.





Read a book set in a different country.

Post what country and two about the country.





A different genre will be posted each week on the Xtreme homepage. Read a book in one of these genres.

Post the week & the genre you read. Did you like the genre?



Libraries Rock


Read a book about or inspired by music (fiction or nonfiction).

Five words that describe the book.





Read a book published the year you were born.


Write the year and a review.






Read a book suggested by a good friend.

Post who recommended the book and if you like it.





Read a book from your school's summer reading list.


Write a review.




Solve the Crime

Read a mystery book.

Did you figure out the mystery before the end?





Read a book by someone whose last name begins with the same letter as your last name. (Ex: John Smith would read a book by an author whose last name starts with S.)

Your first and last initials and the author's first and last name.


The Present


Read a book published in 2018.

Five words that describe the book.






2018 is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Read a spooky book.

Write a review.






July 7th is Tell the Truth Day. Read a nonfiction book.

Write three things you learned from the book.






Read a book suggested by an Emmet O'Neal Librarian.


Did you enjoy the suggestion?




Graphic Novel


Read a graphic novel. (You may read more than one book, to total at least 100 pages.)

Write five words that describe the book.



Keep Going


Read the 2nd book in a series you've already started.


Was the second book as good as the first one? Or was it even better?


BONUS challanges

BONUSES are worth two entries




Book Talk


Submit a video commercial for a book of your choice (not a book you used for a previous challenge). You can use a camera phone or a real camera/video recorder to make your commercial. To submit, log into your summer reading account and post the book title, then post "video submitted by e-mail' as your review. Send the video to the library email address Include your name and the book title in the email.




Music Video


Read any book. Pick the book's theme song (a song that embodies the spirit of the book) and then make a music video for the song. Get creative! Feel free to wear costumes, use props, recruit backup dancers! Then send your music video to the library email address Include your name and the book title in the email.



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